Become a Volunteer

Invitation to Volunteers willing to associate themselves for Saksham Bharti.

Saksham Bharti welcomes any individual or firm who is willing to further its cause of social development of disadvantaged youth of society who are socially, economically backward and living in rehabilitation colonies. Once they join it, they will derive immense joy, happiness and fulfilment in their own lives.

Duties and Responsibilities Volunteers of Saksham Bharti

A volunteer is an asset of Saksham Bharti in the form of its Human Resource Capital. He would like to learn how he can involve himself in Saksham Bharti. Usually a volunteer comes to know about Saksham Bharti either through an existing volunteer or its student or after visiting its website   A volunteer should initially visit any one of its centre near his home for about a week at a time and for a duration best suited to him. Then he should select which of the following activities he can involve himself at our NGO for a specific time and day(s) of the week regularly depending on his schedule of regular vocation, business, employment, activities.  His focus while undertaking these activities should be to empower the weak and underprivileged students studying at Saksham Bharti.   He can undertake any one or more of these activities.

  • Speak during a career counselling and personality development session.
  • Organize an educational tour and accompany the students.
  • Direct a play to be played by the students.
  • Teach students, Computers, English, Mathematician, Science, Accounts, Personality Development, Beauty Culture.
  • Arrange for curriculum related speakers, exhibits, demonstrations.
  • Share a talent, interest, or hobby which you possess.
  • Tutor individuals or small groups of students.
  • Mentor a student interested in your profession.
  • Coach a sport e.g., Martial Arts, Self Defense for girls.
  • Publish an NGO related newsletter.
  • Set up and help maintain an NGO or classroom and its environment.
  • Manage a classroom project and related equipment.
  • Organize or participate in a special event, e.g., Holi Milan, Painting Competition.
  • Translate notices, letters, and forms from English to Hindi and vice –versa.
  • Provide another volunteer with transportation to a conference or NGO event.
  • Look after other volunteers on conference days.
  • Organize to raise funds for the NGO.
  • Donate books, art materials, musical instruments, games.
  • Bring in refreshments.
  • Correct papers.
  • Join new members to NGO.
  • Sponsor a student for learning at NGO or for his/her higher education.
  • You may add to this list, but focus should be to benefit the students.
  • His focus while undertaking these activities should be to empower the weak and underprivileged students studying at Saksham Bharti.   He can undertake any one or more of above activities

Studies have shown that parental involvement in child’s education and learning skills is one of the most important factors in raising student’s self -esteem, academic and holistic development. Volunteers can supplement the efforts of parents towards this end. We realize, however, that each of our families is unique- with its own priorities, needs, talents, and time constraints. So, we try to provide as many different kinds of opportunities for parental and volunteer involvement as possible. Volunteers should pledge to discover their own talents, knowledge and contribute their time, resources and effort to further the objectives of the NGO.