Core Group of Saksham Bharti – Volunteering plays significant role in quality value additions

Volunteering plays significant role in quality value additions and enriching organizational expertise in any social organization- bringing in growth, professional maturity and resources. However, it is also a two-way traffic in the sense that it also provides volunteers with unique opportunity- interface with earthy realities- which helps gain maturity as human being and as professional.

Volunteer Activities

Arts Music , Drawing, Dance & Theater.
Education English Classes, Literacy, Create Education Material, Improve Teaching Methodology, Reading to Children.
Engineering IT Classes (Basic Computing, MS-Office Package, Software Programming Languages), Website Updates and Hardware & Networking.
Defense Preparation for Indian Defence
Law Lectures on Human Rights, Children Rights, Women Rights.
Medicine Healthcare and Hygiene Lectures.
Economics & Management Accounting Fund Raising, KPI Traking and Organizational Management.
Media Media Producing : Photographs, Video (Fund Raising, Documentary and Short Videos).
Nutrition Plan Meals (Nutritious, Low Cost, Tasty), Plan Groceries Purchasing According to Family’s Income, Teach Food Hygiene.
Others Leadership, Playing with Children, Environment/Diseases/Drug Awareness, Women Empowerment.